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Resources related to Introduction to Openness in Education

Education is about sharing. Good teacher are one that share the most.

[7:00 mn] Parallel between the Church restricting reading the bible in Latin and copyright restricting large scale diffusion of content. Copyright is similar to a kid throwing a fit and screaming mine mine mine.

[11:00] 150M new people enrolled in the next 25 years. 2400 new universities in the next 25years for India alone. (a new university every 2 weeks). Impossible => we need openness

Dr. David Wiley [] is Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. He is also the Chief Openness Officer of Flat World Knowledge and Founder and board member of the Open High School of Utah

The Extended Argument for Openness in Education

Every person in the world enjoys free (no cost) access to the OER and free (no cost) permission to engage in the “4R” activities when using the OER:

  • Revise—adapt and improve the OER so it better meets your needs.
  • Remix—combine or “mash up” the OER with other OER to produce new materials.
  • Reuse—use the original or your new version of the OER in a wide range of contexts.
  • Redistribute—make copies and share the original OER or your new version with others.

Why Open Education Matters

Degreed’s entry in the Why Open Education Matters

Copyright is the genetic defect of the Internet preventing it from reaching its full sharing potential.

Intro to Open Licensing

A video introducing Creative Commons licensing by