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What’s an educational data scientist to do?

Extract from “Educational Data Scientists:A Scarce Breed

The educational data scientist must dive from Learning Analytics
(LA) into Educational Data Mining (EDM) and resurface:
exploring the real world, proposing meaningful measures,
modelling the data, visualising the output, sharing the technique and automating the process.


This blog is launched

This blog will serve several purposes.

As I am going to participate in MOOCs over the next few months, the blog will serve as a platform for assignments and connection tool with co-students;

Furthermore, my current employer, Berklee College of Music, recently joined the MOOC adventure by offering courses on coursera. I have seen been exploring MOOCs and expanding my knowledge of Innovation in Higher Ed. This blog will help me structure my findings.

OER, MOOC, Learning Analytics and Knowledge, Connective learning hold the power to disrupt the current structure of Higher Ed. Not only in the US where education is so expensive but also in developing countries and countries where education is more available for the masses (think Europe). This is fascinating.

As a life long learner, I have been teaching myself web design and programming, databases, prediction markets, Russian and Danish, English Rhetoric, to name a few subjects i’ve explored in the past few years. However, my personal experience in autodidactism has, to say the least, not been very efficient. 

MOOCs, connectivism, Network learning bring new approaches and hopes for ongoing personal learning.

Finally, as the father of 3 pre-k to middle school, enjoying the benefits of one of the best public school in the country (Driscoll in Brookline MA), I want to empower my children with better ways to learn and excel.