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Four basic metrics that are used in Purdue’s Course Signals and BlackBoard’s Retention Center, both early warning systems (retention early warning systems).

The following is taken verbatim from Blackboard’s New Early Warning Analytics Product or modified from Why the Retention Early Warning Critics Are Wrong

  • recency of course login (Are you showing up for class?),
  • discussion board posts (Are you participating in class?),
  • on-time assignment delivery (Are you turning in your work?),
  • and grade book scores (Is your work passing?)

The focus is on intra-course not inter-course. Preventing the student from failing his individual course before making sure he re enrolls in another course.

Purdue’s system breaks down the data in 3 phases

  • Preparation: What is the at risk profile of the student before starting the course. based on previous courses and other student related data.
  •  Effort: student’s grades in the class, the frequency of logins, participation in class discussion, history of turning in assignments and completing tests on time, etc.
  • Seeking Help